2016 Lincoln Continental Changes Release

2016 Lincoln Continental is a new car that will present with design and performance are very interesting. This sedan car will have a highly qualified design. With see advantages possessed by this sedan then you will feel very much like to have car this future. This is some of advantages possessed by cart his future.

2016 Lincoln Continental concept pictures

This car will have a very strong performance. 2016 Lincoln Continental will come with V12 engine above, today’s V12 engine and select right choice will be very important. Even 5.0L and 6.2L V8 Ford engine looks far-fetched in modern, era-degrading engine. This makes future potential of Continental with only one option left. 3.5L EcoBoost V6 makes 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque sound right. But fuel economy is superior. New Continental carries a nine speed transmission, first time in history. Actually, this improvement is one of most important advantages. No official details about maximum speed and acceleration to 60 mph, still. All Lincoln currently somewhat limited by Ford’s latest CD4 platform, especially in drive train department, since all models must be front-wheel or all-wheel driven which leaves no room for good old rear-wheel drive. In addition, current Lincoln styling is striking, while Continental is always represented as a stable, mature car with a conventional design. Suicide doors as seen in concept also do not appear for next generation Continentals. This will be an excellent machine and interesting. Your engine will be a very tough and interesting. You will be very comfortable when being in a car this future.

2016 Lincoln Continental front view changes

Design concept which is owned by future cars will be very comfortable and quality. 2016 Lincoln Continental will come with high-tech design with superior refinement and this will never change. Just like MKS, Continental will offer leather seat upholstery and natural wood veneers for a refined look. There is plenty of space in a big car like this, but this car might push the boundaries of even further. However, driving dynamics make suffer if it be larger than the MKS already big enough current. This car will also come with a touch screen display can takes of infotainment purposes, while Harman is now responsible for audio. Expect heavy surround sound system with speakers and a lot of power in new Continental. It will also be equipped with all the safety features required and that much more advanced. This means that lane-keep assist and lane departure warning will be available along with active park assist and adaptive cruise control. This car will come with a very interesting design concept. With this quality you will feel very comfortable and interesting.

These future cars will come market in the United States in early 2016. This car will probably come in market with many fans. We can only hope that this car will be a very good competitor.

New 2016 Lincoln Continental Changes Release
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