2016 Lotus Elan Concept Release Date

2016 Lotus Elan is the new car will come with a good design. This car became very popular because most people these car companies most expected by many people. Manufacturers created this car with an energetic design in order to compete with other cars. This car will be a very nice car.

2016 Lotus Elan new concept

2016 Lotus Elan Concept

2016 Lotus Elan will actually replace the Evora is basically true, though in a greater price and energy, so the Evora can continue as long as you will find a buyer. Lotus Evora appreciate how the offer does not appeal to fans of the new brand through much of the manufacturer, because it does not have the necessary feeling associated with luxury, and the entry / egress problems typically reported by customers who come back to Porsche. As Elan uses the basic Evora tub, is likely to be changed with regard to the comfort of the owner of a lot better. Lightweight aluminum parts can help impact standards. But most of the framework requires Lotus accumulation can actually compete with honest dealing with the Evora elegant, guiding, and traveling.

2016 Lotus Elan interior dashboard

2016 Lotus Elan Specs

2016 Lotus Elan is actually fielding late-2013-transverse V6 vehicle, known as Elan actually like a competitor for the 911 Carrera and Carrera Utes. It will operate four. 0-liter direct-injection supercharged edition of the motor current Evora, related to 400HP (base) and 470hp (R). Moderate mulatto actual program may also be at Elan Esprit fact, because perhaps the entire body convertible.

2016 Lotus Elan Release date

2016 Lotus Elan is a new car that will come out in early 2016, but we just predict it, because there has been no official notification from the company on the date of this car lyrical. This car would debut in the United States market.

New 2016 Lotus Elan Concept Release Date
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