2016 Nissan Datsun Changes Concept

2016 Nissan Datsun is a car that comes with a good hatchback models. This model car first launched in the early 20th century in Japan. Hatchback that already introduced as a budget car in India will also be marketed in South Africa, Indonesia and Russia. This car will be there’s room enough for three people in the back and this makes this car as a practical five seated. The 265-liter luggage hatchback has a base that is long enough and you can also place a large flat suitcase instead adjust vertically.

2016 Nissan Datsun front angle concept

2016 Nissan Datsun Changes

2016 Nissan Datsun will have door handles and AC vents similar to those in the Nissan Micra. Instrument console and the steering wheel has the look rather simple but fit well with the theme of the interior. A very practical feature of this car is missed in the glove box. Instead you only get 2 shelves below the dashboard. Door pockets are provided at the front door. Entertainment set needs to be purchased as an optional feature and is composed of a mobile docking station with USB charging. So your smartphone is mounted in the dash and then plugged the speakers into the door. It makes delightful music streaming in the cabin and navigation application loaded on your phone can also be used. This car comes with a number of upgrade options and there are four variants available in India – D, D1, A and T. The base variant D does not get features like air conditioning, power windows. While the top end variant T may not have the bells and whistles, it does not come with the entertainment set, speed sensitive steering wheel, front power windows and body colored door handles.

2016 Nissan Datsun Concept

2016 Nissan Datsun comes with bold style with trendy design and has some curves on her silhouette. Unlike the Nissan design tactics economic partner with the brand Dacia Renault, the styling for this car is anything but dull. It will not be exaggeration to say that there are no straight lines or simple-to-make regular panel. V-shaped hood swell out in a smart way and is equipped with an aggressive chin. The lines on the car seem to go up and down from the honeycomb, hexagonal grille framed. The car lights are equally detailed with well designed 2 components is clearly visible. Move to the side, prominent beltline that extends from the lamp to the door and cutting forces on the panel door to attract attention. There is a triangular cladding that integrates with glass rear window and this does away with the appearance of the C-pillar declared fat. Styling reflects an emphasis on the back of the thigh muscles outlined by a ridge between the tail lamps and rear doors.

2016 Nissan Datsun Specs

2016 Nissan Datsun has a wheelbase of 2,450 mm. The 1,485 mm height of the hatchback. It comes with a 1.2-liter petrol engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The highest strength of the motor is 67 bhp at 5000 rpm and has a peak torque of 10.6 kg at 4000 rpm.

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New 2016 Nissan Datsun Changes Concept
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