2016 Nissan Z Modern Design

2016 Nissan Z will shine in a new light with creators. It that will work with the new design. The new models can be lighter, smaller, but everything else about this car is still largely a secret.Mr Andy Palmer Vice. We hope that this car really has a good quality compared to other cars.

2016 nissan z car and driver

2016 Nissan Z Concept

2016 Nissan Z may just meet your expectations and more. This featuring modern design, clean power to the wheels, curved lines on the hood, front and rear and roof. This will add a dose of aggression to those who see it glide by. Body will for the most part made of aluminum that will affect their consumption car. For will enjoy the racetrack, the new car will also have a difference in interior layout limited slip. The certainly will not stray far from its predecessor, but each owners will feel comfortable, stylish and powerful car.

2016 Nissan Z Specs

2016 Nissan Z will be run by a 4-cylinder engine Vv6 edition. The limited options must be found and automatic transmissions, and enhanced under the hood turbo petrol engine engine. This could be the result of collaboration between Nissan and Renault companies. President of Nissan said it may offer a version of the 6-cylinder models but in limited quantities. It is well known that this car will use a turbo charger which would provide very interesting ride. Regarding choice of engine options currently over 200bhp 1.6 turbo or 2, 0 which is not necessarily the turbo.

2016 Nissan Z Release date

2016 Nissan Z will be present in the United States market. Maybe this car will be present at the end of 2015 or it could be in early 2016 we can only hope that this car will be sold in the market.

New 2016 Nissan Z Modern Design
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