2016 Pontiac Grand Prix Concept Release Date

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix will be back next year, after an absence of 23 years, with a race in Mexico City. Mr Ecclestone first revealed plans to bring F1 back to Mexico City in February of last year in an interview with American automotive magazine Auto week. It was also confirmed by sources who spoke to the site Pitpass F1 and, since then, the plan has become a reality.

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix left side concept

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix Concept

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix will be present with Hardwire 4-pole trailer connector kit for this car with a cable joint – where the turn and brake signals sent along the same cable. Quick splice connectors and circuit tester included. This car will come with a full feature 18 Gauge Bonded Wires, Taillight, Stop and Turn Functions Printed In Wires, Cables Ground Running Full Length Of Assembly, Includes Circuit Tester, Includes 4 Wire Taps, Measures 72 “length. This is a design which is very good. This car will also come with safety and comfort level seeded from this car.

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix Specs

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix comes to performance is also likely to be enhanced with larger brakes, sportier suspension, lightweight wheels and sticky rubber. Now for the dreamer can expect this car to a detuned version of the 2014 Trans Am 8.4-liter V10 under the hood to make the car. It is a great engine for the car.

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix Release date

2016 Pontiac Grand Prix is a new car that might be present at the beginning of the year 2016 there has been no official notification from the company exactly when this car will be present. But we can only wait and hope that this car will come with the quality we expect.

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New 2016 Pontiac Grand Prix Concept Release Date
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