2016 SRT Viper New Evolution

The new SRT Viper was firstly introduced in 2012 as 2013 model. After three years, it would be the great time to redesign and refresh again the new SRT Viper. Thus, next year in 2015, Viper would once again introduce the 2016 SRT Viper. Three years is proper time that Viper nee to give necessary updates and changes for the new SRT Viper. In order to keep the SRT Viper as the Mopar supercar, Viper must give new updates, changes, and also improvement for the new model. The new 2016 SRT Viper would have upgraded suspension, braking, engine performance, and also the advanced technology. Let us wait how well Viper would introduce their new SRT Viper with better specification.

2016 SRT Viper red color

2016 SRT Viper Rendering
The 2016 SRT Viper is actually would be developed in 2015. However, the concept of 2015 Dodge Viper SRT has been used in famous car game named Most Wanted 2012. Inside the game, there is 2016 SRT Viper concept car. If you play the game, you would know this sport car exterior design which is very sporty and aggressive with signature design of Viper. The SRT Viper has been a most waited car from Dodge. This car has several nicknames that describe its quality and performance such as aggression, high speed, power, and aerodynamic two doors sport car.

2016 SRT Viper Powertrain
As I said before, some of the nicknames of 2016 SRT Viper are aggression and power. There is a reason why the new SRT Viper has nicknames power and aggression. The engine of the 2013 SRT Viper is very powerful engine for sporty two-door car. The engine specification is V-10 with 8.4 L capacity. As the result, the engine can push the car with 600 hp. It is such a massive horsepower for two-door car. That specification is actually for the previous mode. You can imagine what would be the upgraded engine performance of the new 2016 SRT Viper. The new SRT Viper would have better, faster, and stronger engine. However, there is an issue that the horsepower of SRT Viper 2016 is not allowed to surpass the Ferarri F12 Berlinetta. As the result, the new 2016 SRT Dodge Viper only can be promoted not more than 730 hp. Then, the new 2016 SRT Viper would be equipped with manual transmission that is 6-speed. As for the gas mileage, the new SRT would have same MPG that is around 12/19.

2016 SRT Viper new concept

2016 SRT Viper New Desgin
The grand design of the new 2016 SRT would has resemblance with prior model. The exterior would be relatively the same but has some updates. The chassis and the shock absorbers would be upgraded. The interior would have better material and advanced central panel. Unfortunately, the price and release date are still unknown.

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New 2016 SRT Viper New Evolution
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