2016 Toyota Hilux Redesign Concept

2016 Toyota Hilux is a new car that will come with the re-design concept better than the previous design. This is a new pickup truck that comes with a more modern design. Several technologies and comfortable design will be present in this pickup. The car of the future will be very famous. This is a new car that may be present in the United States market at the beginning of 2016. These are some of the advantages possessed by this new car.

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2016 Toyota Hilux Redesign

2016 Toyota Hilux is a large pickup truck that will be present with a very stunning redesign. Certainly it would be better in comparison with the previous design. Then of course we will look at the design and the new engine in the pick-up. One of the few things that will inherit this vehicle from its predecessor is the name, and almost everything else will be modified. It will be built on the platform of the Toyota Innova and Toyota Fortuner. According to the responsible person of the company, these cars will be their main asset, and they will become a model Corolla. This decision was made due to excellent advantage that this model is made. Mentioned several company vehicles ranked in the category of “TNGA” (Toyota New Global Architecture). But back to the new Hilux. This will be a car which very stylish and attractive. This is the best car that is very good.

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2016 Toyota Hilux Concept

2016 Toyota Hilux will be very aggressive and attractive look. This car will look much more aggressive. A new grille and front bumper will contribute a lot to the aggressive appearance. The total length will be approximately 5.2 m, and maybe a little more, so it will be longer than the previous generation. Inside the cabin, the car will have a great progress that clear. The fact is that previous generations did not have a lot of advanced control panel for the only purpose of this vehicle. Therefore, this time the company has decided to slightly increase segment. What is certain is that the control panel for the new Hilux be superior craftsmanship and quality. This is an excellent design for the car of the future good.

2016 Toyota Hilux Specs

The car will come with excellent power train and will also come with a strong engine. This car also comes with a very fuel-efficient. This car is a modern pickup owned the machine would also be very interesting. The car will come with a 5.7 L Cummins diesel engine. So far, this engine proved to be excellent in every way, and we would not be surprised if the choice fell right on it. This will be very convenient when you are driving with this 2016 Toyota Hilux. This is best car for future.

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New 2016 Toyota Hilux Redesign Concept
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