2016 Toyota Supra Redesign Release Date

2016 Toyota Supra is a vehicle that is preferred by many people. At the time of this vehicle disappeared from the market, then a lot of people who feel sad about it. This vehicle is a tough competitor of Skyline with price and performance vehicles that are tough. But Nissan is now a winner in a league matches by them self. But not for now, because the company has redesigned a new model of this vehicle will be a vehicle at an affordable price and has the speed and power that you can consider.

2016 Toyota Supra red color pictures

2016 Toyota Supra Redesign

The company had planned to redesign this vehicle, and finally now the company managed to find a new concept for the 2016 Toyota Supra. This vehicle has been designed to have a 3.5-liter V6 engine with electric motors that can grow up to 300 horsepower. But the companies providing the information that it would not be in this vehicle. This vehicle will have driver train very different from the existing model, but we’ll see how it really is.

The exterior of this vehicle will be identical to the FT-1 using a different concept. Many are hoping that if the vehicle has a radical appearance. This vehicle has two headlights and LED tail lights which can include. This vehicle bumper splitter of the vehicle inspired by Formula 1. This vehicle can arguably be the successor to the original Supra. 2016 Toyota Supra Lexus LFA has more than anything, it’s not a bad thing because you have to consider the price of this vehicle. The company said that this vehicle has a price of $ 60,000 for the base model. But it could have been changed to this vehicle will be released in 2016.

2016 Toyota Supra rear view pictures

In this vehicle, you’ve got everything you want in a sports car. The Company will make the seat and steering wheel made of leather in order to make you feel more comfortable. Satellite Navigasi also exist in this vehicle as standard which most likely will be no internet connectivity features. The audio system in this vehicle may largely be supplied by JBL and also there will be a climate konrol system that makes it into a more modern vehicle.

2016 Toyota Supra Powertrain

The Company has selected the vehicle’s engine wise but will be slightly different from the 2.6-liter twin-turbo inline six original vehicle. These vehicles will be more efficient in terms of fuel, become more powerful vehicles and drivers to be more comfortable if the drive with this vehicle. It happened because this vehicle featuring a dual-clutch, semi-automatic gearbox at the rear to keep the balance of the vehicle closes to the front of the machine perfectly. Unlike the inline 6 or concept V6, this vehicle will have a machine that has been developed with the inline-4 that uses a turbocharged and has been assisted by smaller electric units. Power train in a vehicle capable of delivering 380-410 horsepower. Because this is a sports car that would be brilliant on the track, then it is the most perfect recipe to drive the rear wheels of the vehicle.

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New 2016 Toyota Supra Redesign Release Date
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