2017 Kia Sorento Be Released with Bigger Space

2017 kia sorento will be released with new design and bigger cabin space. Kia is one of best Korean auto manufactures that offer best cars for all people in the world. Now, people must feel so happy because Kia has a plan to release new Sorento to the auto market. When we compare with the previous version of car, we will find some changes and we will get best features too. Kia will increase the size and cabin space of this car so this car will make all people feel better and comfortable when they drive this car to all places. When we talk about rivals of this car, we will find some brands of cars such as Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse, and also Toyota Highlander. Before you purchase this car, you better check detail changes in this car first.

2017 kia sorento highway front angle picture

Changes in Car Dimension

2017 kia sorento will be made as longer and wider car. Kia tries to increase the wheelbase around 3.1 inches. The length of Kia Sorento is increased too 3.7 inches. The new Kia Sorento is made softer and also it will be made with swept back style. How about the height of this car? Kia adds length and also wide of this car but Kia will reduce the height of this car. Kia will cut around 0.6 inches of the height of this car. All people will enjoy additional cargo and also passenger space in new Kia Sorento. This car is offered as three-row crossover and it is called as best midsize crossover now. How about the performance of this car? We can check the detail specification of this car here.

2017 kia sorento speedometer photo

Engine of 2017 kia sorento

New Kia Sorento will be made with better 3.3 L and direct injection V6 engine system. By using this engine system, this car can produce 290 Hp in easy way. There is four-turbo engine option that you can choose too to increase power. This car is offered with front wheel drive system and if you like to choose all wheel drive system, you can also get it. All people can see the real performance and design of new Kia Sorento on October 2 at the Paris auto show. When you are living in UK, you must be patient because this car will be sold in UK in spring of 2015. There is no clear information about price of this new Kia Sorento. How about you who are living in US? You can get 2017 kia sorento price in 2016 too.

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New 2017 Kia Sorento Be Released with Bigger Space
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