2017 Land Rover Discovery Concept

2017 land rover discovery is sold soon to you. There are some people who really want to know best things and features that will be got in this car. New Land Rover Discovery will be made different than the previous version. That is why some people really want to know some changes or improvements that are done in this car. For all of you who like to buy new Land Rover Discovery too, you better check the detail information about this car. You must ensure that this car is car that you need and please make sure that the price of this car is suitable too with your budget. Let’s check some facts about this new Land Robver Discovery.

2017 Land Rover Discovery picture

Design of 2017 land rover discovery
2017 land rover discovery sport will come as rival for some other luxury SUVs such as Lexus RX 350, Mercedes Benz M Class, Volvo XC90 and also BMW X5. You who really want to compare this car with best rivals can compare with some cars above. This new Land Rover Discovery is made with best design and because of the best design of this car, this car is called as ideal family vehicle. You can bring 7 passengers with this car with 5+2 configuration. The design of exterior and interior of exterior and interior of this car are made minimalist but luxurious. We can find best features in the interior of this car such as 8-inch of touchscreen infotainment system. This infotainment system will be used to monitor and also control all functions by connecting with smartphone. The exterior design of this car is made in better look by using aluminum components. The use of aluminum components in this car will reduce weight of this car. It will influence the performance and speed of this car too. There is moon roof that will help you to enjoy all outdoor views in easy way.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior photo

Engine System and Price of 2017 land rover discovery
How about the performance of this car? This car is made with 2.0 L with four-cylinder engine system and we can find 9-speed automatic transmission in this car. Drivetrain system in this car is four-wheel drive system. Engine system in this car will help this car to produce 240 Hp. There are some other features that you will get when you buy this car. You can get best safety features too in this car. When this car will be sold in US? This car will be sold in US in early 2015 and the price of this car is $38,920. You may pay higher price for this car when you add some other accessories in this 2017 land rover discovery.

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New 2017 Land Rover Discovery Concept
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