2017 Skoda Sherpa Redesign

Czech Car Company has been working to release new models of improved automobile for the past several years. It has had a test of world smallest two-door cars to electric cars and now releasing best car that suit users across the world.

2017 Skoda Sherpa front view design

This year they are releasing Skoda Snowman, a successor of Yeti which was released back in 2009. With increase in demand, the company has been able to release durable, safer and high-quality models that are suitable for all conditions of driving. One model after another is getting a place over the other in all aspects.

In 2017 the company will release the new 2017 Skoda Sherpa SUV which will be more of an improved Skoda Snowman and will stand on same platform with Volkswagen Tiguan, a product of Volkswagen Company.


This model will have five and seven seats with the smaller two reserved for kids. It will be of length 4.6 meters and have a robust and muscular appearance of Skoda Snowman and Skoda Yeti. The front will have a new design with changes on grille and bumper. It will be an amazingly specious and with immense off-road potential.


It will have an elegant and superbly classy interior with immense space enough for atleast seven passengers, driver included. It will also have leather upholstery of high quality and comfortable seats.
There will be a 5 inch screen in the somewhere at the centre of console with a stable steering wheel covered with leather. Navigation devices, GPS, audio devices will be installed. Security installations will include 7 air bags, rear-view camera, with parking sensors and also an automatically controlled climate control system.

The Engine

Going down to its engine, it will be on the standard front wheel drive with a possibility of driving on all four wheels. Two engines (both diesel and petrol) options will be offered- One engine 2 liter TDI diesel and the other 2 liter TSI of which both are strong engines with quality motors. It will have both manual and automatic transmission.

Release Date and Market Price

The date of release of 2017 Skoda Sherpa is not yet confirmed but probably will be released towards the end of 2017. The price in European Market is estimated to be around 28,000 Euros.

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New 2017 Skoda Sherpa Redesign
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