2018 Ford Focus RS Redesign Specs

2018 Ford Focus RS is a new car that will have some interesting changes from engine up with a redesign that is owned by this car. With some very extraordinary sophistication you will definitely feel extra comfort that is owned by this car. This will be a future car that appeals to you. You will feel real comfort of car this future. This is best car future.

2018 Ford Focus RS blue color

Attractive redesign and good will come in a ford focus rs build this future. This will be a great car future. You will feel real comfort in this car because this car will come with a visual aggression, with a chunky rear spoiler integrated into the lift gate, diffuser big enough, plus cooling ducts for engine and brakes. Nineteen-inch wheels will be standard, along with bi-xenon headlamps. Inside cabin is heavily backed Recaro sports seats, an additional bank of gauges, and many “blue RS” trim. Not smooth, but that’s not the point. This version will also come with a twin design electronically controlled clutch packs on either side of rear unit.

In addition to processing front-to-rear torque-distribution up to 70 percent of the output can be sent to rear axle clutch-pack can shift power from side to side across rear axle. Under cornering, most of torque is sent to outside rear wheel to help turn-in and reduced under steer, with Ford also promises-and this was in the official release- “ability to achieve controlled oversteer drifting on track.” That explains some impressive corner is managed by Ken Block (credited as project consultants RS) in video teaser. This can be said to be very extraordinary sophistication future.

This car will also have a change so you would expect. In fact this car will come with a 2.3-liter engine speed has been substantially modified from version that supports Mustang, with a low inertia new twin-scroll turbocharger and larger intercooler, along with a revised cylinder head and strong iron cylinder liners. Ford promises “free-revving top end” -which does not sound like Mustang EcoBoost to us-with a maximum rev limit of 6800 rpm. Taken together, that we think that the finished car can produce more than 325 horsepower-maybe a little more. (For reference, the last Focus RS sold in Europe with a factory-backed optional upgrade Mountune pushing power to 345 horsepower.) A significant number of other we do not have yet was heavy this hospital. Most of systems additional four-wheel-drive means RS certainly tip the scales in over 3,234 pounds of our long-term Focus ST.

2018 Ford Focus RS front view engine

This car can be said to be a competitor that is very reliable because it has advantages that are so very interesting for you. You must have been curious to when ford focus hatchback titanium will be in United States market. This car can be sure will come on the market in 2018.

New 2018 Ford Focus RS Redesign Specs
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