2018 Ford Focus Sophisticated Technology

2018 Ford Focus is a family car that will have a very good design. Compared with the previous version. The design of this car will have a very good advantage. This car will arrive in the North American market, according to rumors at this time. This car is very in waiting by many people because it has a very good performance and attractive design. This will be the future of design is very popular.

2018 Ford Focus front view blue color pictures

2018 Ford Focus Specs

2018 Ford Focus will be available with a turbocharged inline five push 305 hp to the front wheels through a so-called Ford RevoKnuckle, to reduce what would otherwise be a shoulder-dislocation of torque steer. New car wipes clean board and started over. In addition to AWD, the RS will be the only new Focus to pack 2.3-liter four-cylinder Ecoboost Ford, available now at Lincoln MKC and immediately on 2015 Mustang. This engine makes 310 hp, 320 pounds-feet of torque. In the just-released Lincoln MKC Crossover, the same engine makes 285 hp. In both applications, the twin-scroll turbo is used. This would be an excellent horsepower and has a very super performance. You will feel comfortable when driving in this 2018 Ford Focus.

2018 Ford Focus rear view design wallpaper

2018 Ford Focus Concept

2018 Ford Focus will have a very good design and more stylish. With a more stylish design will make you very happy when driving. Some sophisticated technology will also come in this new car. To put the power down, Ford will use AWD system entirely new intended for high-output applications. This is not the same system that is used in the Fusion, escape, and MKZ. The new system will use the front and rear torque vectoring to help the handling, and after debuting in the Focus RS that will trickle down to other applications. This car will also come with large wheels and tires, and redundant channels, ventilation, and spoiler further enhance the basic design of the Focus. Such as ST, RS may be available only as a five-door hatchback. Styling changes could be ahead. Spy shots unearthed by Motor Authority show a large bar in the grille, close the gaping maw ST bit. It could be a little hokey to disguise the true appearance of the car. Before RS models feature styling cues rally car in the vein of the Subaru STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, so expect some fender flares and a larger rear spoiler as well.

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2018 Ford Focus Release date

This car will be present in the United States market may be in early 2016 or late 2015 we can only wait for this great car coming in the market. 2018 Ford Focus will be the most popular and in later by many people.

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New 2018 Ford Focus Sophisticated Technology
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