2019 Lexus LC Confirm and its Extraordinary Features

As one of the most well-known car manufacturers, it’s only normal for Lexus to make some improvements now and then. To fulfill the expectations of the fans all around the world, 2019 Lexus LC is claimed to have extraordinary features which are ready to blow the minds of the people. For your information, the all-new series of LC model has been designed by considering its performance to be boosted. And Lexus really doesn’t kid around with this because the newest car has been under the counsel and supervision of the F division. If you are not familiar with that division, well, we are talking about the sub-brand which has provided us with many great cars including the RC F, LFA, and GSF series. If you are a hardcore fan of automotive field, the name of Yukihiko Yaguchi should not be unfamiliar anymore. Yes, he is the chief engineer of the F division. And with such name, it seems that the newest Lexus LC is really going to be so fabulous.

2019 Lexus LC front view design pictures

Serious Performance Detected!

The very obvious proof of how Lexus is really serious with the newest 2019 Lexus LC is about how 5.0L V8 engine is already chosen to be planted under the hood of the car. And if you are curious about the performance of such engine, well, get ready to be really surprised because the engine alone can give up to 467 horsepower. This engine is also the same one which is used on the GS F and as far as we know, this engine is really no joke. And it’s not only that. Lexus has also decided that this LC series will be the first one to integrate the use of turbocharged motor. The main purpose of doing so is none other but to provide better performance and at the same time, drivers can also get better comfort in case they are riding the car is high speed. However, there’s a consequence about the use of turbocharged motor. Hybrid system will never be the part of this car model. Does it mean that twin-turbo combination is going to become the option for the consequence mentioned above? Well, it’s still not clear but at least, the information about the engine above should be more than enough to please the fans.

More Information Required

It is true that the information regarding the new 2019 Lexus LC is still quite a little and it’s not wise to make prediction about it by considering how Lexus often gives us surprises over and over. It’s only good to wait for the official announcement about how the car is going to be like. What’s sure is that Lexus is really trying to heat up the market later on with its newest car.

New 2019 Lexus LC Confirm and its Extraordinary Features
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