Better Look and Best Performance of the New 2019 KIA Forte

2019 KIA Forte is a future car will be offered by the automaker with a new look that is better than the predecessor. We all know there is no significant change applied to the look of Forte that is released previously. This seems to be the basic reason why the manufacturer wants to add something different in order to enhance the appearance of the car significantly for 2019. That is why better quality material for the body of the vehicle is mentioned to be used. Besides the fact this new material will give the ride a total new look that is also more stylish, it is quite unfortunate the type of the material itself has not been mentioned officially.

2019 KIA Forte blue color changes

2019 KIA Forte Changes

Clearer information can be obtained when the part we talk about is the interior design of the 2019 KIA Forte. Various types of automatic system as well as new navigation system are the most significant new features added inside the car. There is also heated mirror and rear camera which can bring the safety level of the car to a higher position. Other than USB connectivity as well as Bluetooth technology, a new satellite radio that is known to be the Sirius XM model is another interesting detail can be found inside the new car. Of course, this is another detail which makes the car to be another option to be taken into consideration, right?

To make the information about 2019 KIA Forte even complete, you need to know new engine options will be offered by the manufacturer. The first option is known to be the 2.0L engine with 4-cyl with the capability of developing 173 horsepower. There is also a 1.6L turbocharged engine with an even better power that is 201 horsepower and this power is combined perfectly with 195 lb-ft of torque. For this engine option, the transmission system is known to be 6-speed automatic and manual. All of those are the only details known about the engine specifications of the new car. Other information such as about the release date and the pricing applied by the manufacturer has not been announced until now. It is predicted the base price that is about to be applied to this new car is started at $17,000s. For the release date, the prediction is between the end of 2018 and even the early of 2019. While the new ride is still on its production right now, it seems we will receive more and more information later. 2019 KIA Forte is clearly different from the previous version, especially because of the new look and better performance added by the manufacturer.


New Better Look and Best Performance of the New 2019 KIA Forte
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