Changes and Engine Options Offered for 2019 Honda CR-V

It is true that the 2018 series of Honda CR-V is still popularly offered in auto markets right now. However, you need to know that the automaker is already getting ready for the next generation of CR-V, which is none other but the 2019 Honda CR-V. Because the production of this new car series is done not too long from the lasts production of the current series, a lot say that there will be not much changes applied to this new one. However, still, there are some changes we can pay attention to in this new car that is predicted to be released in the end of 2018 or during summer 2019.

2019 Honda CR-V front view new design cars

More about the Design

Even if 2019 Honda CR-V is not a totally redesigned vehicle, some changes can be seen in the exterior part as seen in the concept car. As an example, its weight is lighter than the previous series. Other than this, a more aggressive new front grille is paired nicely with a new top bumper. Other new change found in the front part of the SUV is none other but headlights that are updated too. While at the rear part, only the tailgate that is known to be different from the one owns by the previous series. In relation to the rear part changes, it is factually hopes for the 2019 series that CR-V will be given a better door for the cargo area do it will be easier for us to access the trunk.

2019 Honda CR-V interior dashboard high technology

What You Should Know about the Specifications

In the specifications, there is not much information known until now about the 2019 Honda CR-V instead the engine options that will be offered by the manufacturer. This can be said to be quite unfortunate, especially for prospective buyers who are located in U.S. area because only an engine option will be offered there. This is the 2.4L I4 engine with the ability to develop about 190 horsepower. For other areas, there are some other engine options offered, including the 2.0L i-VTEC engine which can produce up to 155hp and 192 pound-feet of torque.

There is also a 1.6L i-DTEC diesel engine with 118hp and 300 pound-feet of torque. The last but not least engine type offered for areas outside U.S. is 2.2L i-DTEC engine which can deliver up to 150hp and 349 pound-feet of torque. In relation to all of these engine types, it is expected for the fuel efficiency of the newest series of CR-V will be better than the previous model offered in auto markets around the globe. 2019 Honda CR-V will definitely gain better popularity than the previous series because of the changes applied to it, including also the engine options offered for buyers.

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New Changes and Engine Options Offered for 2019 Honda CR-V
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