Honda Pilot 2014 New SUV Generation Has Arrived

As the demand of SUV increases, Honda continues its innovation on family car by producing Honda Pilot 2014. The manufacturer breaks its own rule in making old school car and changes the new model with sturdy shape, fancy design, and amazing interior. Through this car, Honda has reached its turning point in making SUV not only as the family car, but also a car that can lead the family to another adventure. Well, if you have not realized it, this act done by Honda is actually really brilliant since it can cover two market segments at once. First, it is the family segment and the second is the people who want to have SUV for Honda Pilot 2014.

2014 Honda Pilot Front Angle

Honda Pilot 2014 Designs and the features

The minivan has the look of tough crossover. Of course, it is so stunning and awesome. Riding it will definitely make you become the center of attention. It has 18 inches chrome look on the wheel that makes this boxy minivan looks sturdy. The grill of the car has three horizontal design bars.
Honda Pilot 2014 is also completed with halogen headlights and premium turn signals that have never been installed on Honda’s car before. The lamps and turn signals make this car looks like a classy SUV with a touch of wilderness.

2014 Honda Pilot Cvt Engine

This SUV has five automatic transmission with 250 horse power. It has 3,5 L V-6 engine that makes this car has smooth yet responsive and powerful performance. The highway ratings of EPA reach 25 mpg, so you dont have to worry aboout the fuel consumption of this three-row car. And about the interior, this car is completed with impressive technology. Each model of this SUV has rearview camera on its multi dimentional display. And for entertainment, it has iPod display, loadable wallpaper, 10 speakers with subwoover, WVGA screen with remote control and earphone (for the passangers in back seats), Bluetooth audio, and Bluetooth hands free. This car also satellite navigation system and sattelite radio, so no more get lost on your adventure for Honda Pilot 2014.

New Honda Pilot 2014 New SUV Generation Has Arrived
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