Innovative 2017 Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept

2017 Peugeot Onyx is a luxury sports car if you see at a glance then you will feel full interest due to design which is owned by this car is very good. This will be a great car that is good for a future. Certainly some sophisticated technology will surely come in a car this future.

2017 Peugeot Onyx supercar front view design

Comfortable and attractive design will certainly you wait. This car will reportedly come with lattice of vertical and four horizontal grilles with the emblem of a lion fight. There is a pair of LED lights full equipped with a special sensor that can automatically adjust lights according to weather conditions. Front bumper also has air channels which allow air to channel through a machine to rear. This air is very important in cooling engine, especially during peak speeds. Rear did not show signs of the exhaust system, instead last six holes near the bottom of the rear bumper, the holes act as exhaust. This car will also have ultra-modern and ultra-stylish interior.

Interior the 2017 Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept is made from top notch. Dashboard made of special wood made from old newspapers, which is compressed to create new log. These logs are made with wood grain illusion of perfect running surface. The wood surface provides a natural feeling of car. Dashboard is equipped with special equipment that shows car speed and car speed. All of this is shown on a digital display that also provides important information about cars. Digital display also shows rear car with the help of two cameras mounted on the rear car. This will be a design that is very unusual and interesting. you will feel a pleasure of good for this car. This will be a great car for a future.

Formidable machine with super speed that will surely come in a car this future. This car can be said to come with a 3.7 liter V8 HDi integrated with hybrid technology. This V8 engine is a monster that can pump out 600 horsepower big. Engine is cooled by an open channel that started on roof car.

2017 Peugeot Onyx right side pictures

Engine transmits power rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. Peugeot Onyx hybrid technology in recovering all the kinetic energy lost during braking and stores it in the Lithium-ion battery. This stored energy is automatically released to car during acceleration and increases engine power by an additional 80 horsepower. This will be a good speed for a future. This will be a great car that is exciting and good. This will be a great Peugeot Onyx cocnept that is in demand on the market when it releases.

New Innovative 2017 Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept
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