Mysterious Black Concept for 2016 lamborghini ankonian

2016 lamborghini ankonian is one of best cars that offered to you by Lamborghini. In some sources we can find so many people discuss about the concept of this car. Lamborghini is auto manufacture that offers super car for all people in the world. We know that the design of super car from Lamborghini is attractive and masculine. That is why so many people love to have Lamborghini supercar. They will feel so proud when they drive their supercar in city road because all people will see their best supercar. How about design of this Lamborghini Ankonia? You can get detail information about this car’s concept and design now.

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2016 lamborghini ankonian Concept by Slavche Tanevschi

2016 lamborghini ankonian concept and design was made by one of German Students name Slavche Tanevschi. He is talented student and he designed best concept for this new super car. All people really like with the new design of Lamborghini Ankonia. Actually there were some people who sent design for Lamborghini Ankonia but Slavche Tanevschi attracted all people with his concept. Lamborghini Ankonia will be made with triangular form. There will be masculine color combination that we can see in this car such as shiny black and also matt dark grey. The combination of best colors make this supercar looks masculine and mysterious. In the same time this new supercar will look elegant for all people who drive the car. The design of Lamborghini Ankonia will get professional touch too so this car will have great and perfect design. This car will be offered with best exterior design and also interior design. It helps people to not only feel better when they see the exterior of this car but they will feel comfortable when they drive this car because the interior of this car is so great. How about the technical aspects of this supercar?

lamborghini ankonian concept wallpaper hd 2016 supercars black colors latest review concept release date

Technical Aspects for 2016 lamborghini ankonian

Most people also discuss specification of this new Lamborghini Ankonia. People hope that this car will be offered with better engine system so this car will give best driving experience and feeling for all people. This car will be completed with mid-engine supercar that will produce bigger power and fast speed. All people can reach their destination in short time. The narrow body of this car will help this car to produce better performance too. This car will be offered with better headlight graphic, and some other features. There is no clear information when this car will be released on the market. For all of you who are interested with this car, you better wait for the coming of 2016 lamborghini ankonian.

New Mysterious Black Concept for 2016 lamborghini ankonian
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