NASCAR Cup Series Is Going to Be Heated by 2019 NASCAR Camry

Have you ever considered or heard a Toyota Camry series in NASCAR race? Well, it’s totally so wild because as we know so far, Toyota Camry is among the luxurious car types made by Toyota. How can such luxurious car series be included in NASCAR race which is well known for its rather harsh atmosphere? It’s crazy as it sounds but that’s exactly what’s going to be done by Toyota with its 2019 NASCAR Camry. To tell you the truth, the unveiling was done during Detroit Auto Show. And like any other cars which are ready to be racing in NASCAR competition, there are some adjustments done to the newest Camry. Sharper body kit can be seen at a glance compared to the previous versions of Toyota Camry. And yes, such bodywork is really suitable for such race. But, it’s not all, there are still some other new and interesting things you can see.

2019 NASCAR Camry red view sport luxury cars design

Improvements Done to the Car

The newest 2019 NASCAR Camry has been powered up and it’s all thanks to the inclusion of not only one but three powertrains. This really brings the Camry series to the whole new level and platform. And yes, this car is really hot and ready to race. With three powertrains like what’s been stated before, the new racing Camry is really aggressive and without any doubt, the performance is also boosted as well. And if we get back to the appeal, the sharp look which replaces the oval shape of Camry is really fantastic. Along with the spindle grille, the appeal is even fiercer. For further information, this car is going to be included in the Joe Gibbs Racing, BK Racing, and Furniture Row Racing in the very top of the well-known NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. What a hot competition indeed for this car.

Another Interesting Issue to Talk about

So far, we have talked about how the car is going to look and also what kind of improvements it may show us during the competition. It’s totally interesting to talk about that but what’s also interesting is about the lucky people who are going to drive the car during the competition. Well, during the race, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamilin are the ones who are going to be responsible for taking care of 2019 NASCAR Camry throughout the race. True, it’s quite unexpected because what’s been reported is Carl Edwards is going to be behind the steering wheel. It’s still unclear about what happened with this change but what’s sure is how the car is really ready to enter the race and compete!

New NASCAR Cup Series Is Going to Be Heated by 2019 NASCAR Camry
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