New 2015 Lamborghini Cabrera Release Date

2015 lamborghini Cabrera is one of best supercars that offered by Lamborghini. As we know most people in the world have a dream to drive supercar. Not all people can buy supercar because the price of supercar is so expensive. Lamborghini offers you new Lamborghini Cabrera to meet all people’s demand of new supercar that is powerful and made with spectacular design. All people really want to know information about release date of this car. You will get detail information about this car now.

2015 Lamborghini Cabrera specs

2015 lamborghini Cabrera Specification

2015 lamborghini Cabrera will be made different with previous supercar. There are some new technical features that you can see in this supercar. When you are looking for the competitor of this car, you can compare this car with Audi R8 that has perfect engine system and features too. In thus new supercar you will be able to enjoy seven-speed dual clutch of transmission. It will make you easy to drive this car with fast speed that you like and you will really enjoy driving this car. The transmission that is used in this car is similar with transmission that is used in Lamborghini Aventador. How about engine system of this car? This supercar will be made with 5.2 L and also V10 engine system. We can see new gearbox too that will add perfect performance for this car. When you have already known about the engine system of this car, now, it is time for you to know the design or style of new Lamborghini Cabrera.

2015 lamborghini cabrera spyder

2015 lamborghini Cabrera Design

New Lamborghini Cabrera will be designed with rear end. You will find best interior and also exterior design in this new supercar. You can see sharp lines like what we see on the other Lamborghini. This car will be designed with long and also narrow rear light that is similar with some Italian supercars. There are so many people asking about release date of this car. Lamborghini plans to release this new supercar next year. All people can see this car at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 to see the detail design and also engine system that is used in this new supercar. You still need to wait for the coming of this car. Although you have already known the design and detail information about this car at auto show, you can buy this car start from March next year. Now, you don’t need to choose other supercar because 2015 lamborghini Cabrera is best choice for you.

New New 2015 Lamborghini Cabrera Release Date
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