New 2016 Land Rover Defender Concept

In this article, we are going to share a brief overview of an off-road class car named 2016 Land Rover Defender. This is a legendary and strong which is the series of Land Rover Defender. The Land Rover Company which is British automaker specially focuses to manufacture the strong and tough car since 1948. After 67 years success, Land Rover Defender will be released in December 2015 to satisfy your adventure passion.

land rover defender replacement 2016

2016 Land Rover Defender Concept

The 2016 Land Rover Defender will be firstly introduced in Geneva Motor Show with two new option packs; they are The Black Pack and The Silver Pack. Both packs are not only about the color, the features of its appearance meets some differences. Both packs designs can fully satisfy the taste of off-road lover with strong, tough, durable, and powerful looks. We are going to reveal each of the packs starting from the black one. The Black Pack Defender is dominated with glossy solid black without any line and strip. The emphasis of off-road design is from the whole part of the body. Actually the overall design is very simple but powerful. The new black Defender is competed with Santaroni black paint for the roof. The roof can be opened and closed as the common off-road design.

2016 land rover defender front

The difference is about the quality, which is made up from strong premium metal .The simple and elegant impression will come up starting from the new front grille. This car is featured with rounded headlamps framed in square. After that, we move to the Silver Pack Defender. The concept of the silver one also emphasizes on off-road taste with simple and meaningful design which is compounded with strong and durable metal too. The Silver Pack is provided with Indus silver for the roof, headlamps, facia, grilles which surrounds and comes up with Dual Finish. Both packs are made up from strong and light Baja which can ensure you to drive in all hard terrain.

2016 Land Rover Defender Interior

For the interior, the 2016 Land Rover Defender is fulfilled with black or silver as its packs. The contrast is on the seats which are provided in lunar, black, ebony, pimento, and tan paint. The most important that you have to know is about the super power inside this car. This car is powered by 2.2 liter diesel engine which has capacity to make 265 pound feet of torque from 2.200 up to 4.350 rpm. This engine will ensure you get the powerful engine with low fuel consumption.

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New New 2016 Land Rover Defender Concept
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