New 2016 Renault Megane RS Concept

2016 Renault Megane is a new car that will come with change better than the previous version. This car will have a sophisticated quality therein. This car will also be present in showrooms this month. So we need not linger long wait this car comes.

2016 renault megane rs new design

2016 Renault Megane Concept

2016 Renault Megane has changes that have occurred in the front end of the vehicle, in accordance with the visual identity design while Renault vehicles. This new car has changed bumper, grille and there is now a large Renault dominate the sign in the middle. There are also designs and new lights and hood, and new LED lights every day. Changing styles include all the equipment level, the basic “original”, becomes “expression”, senior GT and GT line, as well as exceptional sporty RS model of the interior, a new optional multimedia allocated car R-Link system, which will be embedded for the first time for Megan and will function in full compliance with the intended market. This design is obviously a very good class. It would be a good design for an electric engine hatchback supplied with 115 horsepower and a basic level of equipment “original”.

2016 renault megane rs new concept

2016 Renault Megane Specs

2016 Renault Megane has been done under the hood of the new Refreshment, where the family now includes petrol turbo and 1.2 TCE. So, instead of 115 has 130 horsepower, while the diesel engine weakest “won five horsepower”, and now they count all the 95 horsepower models come with a six-speed manual transmission standard Megane, and is also offered with an automatic EDC same number of teeth.

2016 Renault Megane Release date

2016 Renault Megane will no longer be present, namely in this month. This car will be available in the United States market. We just hope that this car will be sold in the market and popular in its class.

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New New 2016 Renault Megane RS Concept
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