New-Gen 2017 Tesla Roadster Design

2017 Tesla Roadster is a sports car that is very interesting. Future cars will come with the advantages of highly sophisticated ranging from performance up with a design that is owned by car’s future. With a comfortable design concept will make future car have become a formidable competitor. You would very much like to have this sports car.

2017 Tesla Roadster concept pictures

2017 Tesla Roadster Specs

For its own engine sports car will definitely come with outstanding toughness. 2017 Tesla Roadster will probably come with 53 kilowatt per hour battery is found, in previous version is improved, as well as if it’s enhanced power. If improved then car will come with horsepower of 248, too, such as 211 pounds- feet of torque. As for power transmission systems, rumors suggested that auto, this car will also come with an automatic dual clutch, system found on precursors. With this performance then this car will be more energy-efficient elements, when compared to last generation. Mileage will be extended from 200 to 300 miles, for a design that will come. As for performance, and, also accelerate capacity, vehicle is expected, has the ability to move, from nothing up to sixty meters per hour at no more than 3 minutes. It will be very unusual engine and tough.

2017 Tesla Roadster rear view images

2017 Tesla Roadster Design

When talking about then design of this sports car will definitely come up with good design and a lot. 2017 Tesla Roadster will come up with design that is lighter than previous design. This sports car will come with a good aluminum. Front end of in car will come with more interesting and change. Front end will bent, and also wood, LED lights persistent. On back side, you should expect, spoiler enhanced, and also improved diffuser. In contrast to previous model, which has sports activities, see color red, new Tesla will definitely, get a more modern facelift. Much of what is, most of us anticipate seeing in interior of this car, it certainly will not be visible, but sporty luxury. Sports car is equipped with two comfortable chairs. It certainly would not have an effect on your comfort, while driving, in a car. Much more technology, starting attributes as well, certainly well equipment, will be installed in a new, Tesla most of which will, become new air bag, infotainment systems, and roof is much better, and fine-tuned stereo. With this then complete design of this sports car will be a powerful competitor. You will feel good comfort in a car of the future.

2017 Tesla Roadster Release date

This sports car will probably come market during 2016. We can only hope that future cars will come with powerful advantages as above. We can only wait for a car of this release.

New New-Gen 2017 Tesla Roadster Design
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