Plymouth Superbird 2014 Specs : Fast and Furious 6

For anyone of you who have been waiting for any news from this interesting car, here is it the latest news from Plymouth Superbird. As maybe you have known before that this Plymouth Superbird is a car that has the outstanding performance in its history. This car has a portfolio of seven NASCAR titles, some numerous Piston Cups and also has more than over 200 races in the back pocket. That is why this Plymouth Superbird transforms to be a true icon of America. If maybe the latest and the most popular model of this car is the 1970 Plymouth Superbird, now you can breathe a relief after that long waiting since this car will come back with its newest model that is the Plymouth Superbird 2014.

Plymouth Superbird new concept pictures

Plymouth Superbird 2014 Engines

If the super rare 1970 model has the 426 Hemi V8 engine, this new 2014 Plymouth Superbird will also use the same engine that is the Hemi V8 engine. This car has only 16,300 original miles and that is been driven less than 300 miles since 1947. However, this new model of the car that has become the America icon is still using the same or original drive train and it will also come with the iconic pistol grip shifter. It seems like the engine condition is excellent and everything is also superb cosmetically. That is what maybe everybody wants to see after that long waiting.

Plymouth Superbird 2014 Release Date and Price Estimation

The rumors say that this new model of this awesome car will be launched on later of this month. However, there are still very few news about the coming of the new 2014 Plymouth Superbird. For the price, it has been predicted that it will cost for about $400,000 up to $500,000, it depends on the location. And for the comparison, the car price is $5,503 for its 1970 model.

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New Plymouth Superbird 2014 Specs : Fast and Furious 6
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