The Redesign Done to the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line

A car manufacturer is trying to dress up its car model so it can become even much better in the market later on is definitely so common. In fact, it’s a must if the car manufacturer wants to be successful in the middle of tight competition. That’s exactly what’s done by Volkswagen recently with its Volkswagen Atlas series. It’s been reported that 2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line is going to have a lot of upgrades and it’s going to be so different from the basic models. In total, almost everything related to the car will have some improvements including the interior, exterior, and also the trim. And of course, some smaller features will also have some changes as well.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line front view white color changes

Improvements to the Exterior Parts

Starting with the wheels. Compared to the basic model, 2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line will have 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The purpose is definitely to boost the appeal of the car. With that big wheels, the appeal is much sporty and good looking. Not to mention, the use of aluminum alloy wheels will also give better performance as well in terms of its durability and strength. Then, for the other parts of the exterior, people will also be able to see how the bumpers will also be made in rather cool and chic way. You can see how the bumpers are snazzier which are really suitable with the choice of the wheels. Not to mention, the side skirts and also the badges to show the R-Line series will also have greater improvements. What about the interior? Well, for the cabin, what you can obviously see is how the pedal covers will be blanketed with stainless steel to give more modern and futuristic look. And on the steering wheel, you can also find R-Line piece attached on it.

What about the Performance

At this point, we have only talked about the improvements done to the exterior parts of 2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line. Is there anything done to the engine? Of course, there is. This car model offers a 3.6-liter V6 engine. This engine is capable of giving the car up to 276 horsepower. And there’s still another option available for you. It still uses the same engine but it is also going to be using turbo four-cylinder type which will give 235 horsepower. Both of those engines will have eight-speed automatic transmission to give more comfort while driving. If you are looking for addition feature offered related to the performance, you can also expect to get 4Motion all-wheel-drive system.

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New The Redesign Done to the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas R-Line
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