Redesign Project of 2017 BMW M5

2017 bmw m5 is the new generation of BMW that offered to you. There are some rumors about this car in some sources that we can read. Most people discuss about this car because they like to know detail of this car. Some people say that this new BMW M5 will be made with lighter body. BMW cuts the weight and it is done in order to improve performance and speed of BMW M5.Next generation of BMW M5 will be made with CFRP technology too. There are some information below about this car that you must know first before you finally decide whether this car is suitable with your need or you need to buy other car. But, I believe, once you have done reading the information below, you are going to be more convinced to get this car by considering how awesome the car can be including the appearance and also the performance. Not to mention, the comfort of the car is also going to blow your mind away.

2017 BMW M5 front view design pictures

Design of BMW M5

As it’s said above, this new 2017 bmw m5 will be made in lighter body. The design of this car is camouflage design and it is great for all people who love adventure and man’s activities. There is new platform that will be added to this car and this car will use some lighter materials such as carbon fiber, HSS and also aluminum. This lightweight body is used in order to improve aerodynamic system in this car too. This car offers excellent handling and also better performance when we compare with some other cars with same platform. Design of this car is better because there are some new touches that we can see in the bumpers, grille, and lighting. The lighting will be redesigned. With such improvement to the lighting, as a matter of fact, you are going to see how fantastic the appearance of the car can be. The lighting will become one of the centers of attraction which will make the people turn their heads and look at your car whenever you are driving it on the road. It should be fabulous!

Engine Option of New BMW M5

New 2017 bmw m5 will be made with better engine too. This new BMW will be made with 3.0 L and six cylinder engine system. The use of V8 engine system can be found too in this new BMW M5 because this engine system is still considered as better engine system. This engine system can produce at least 400 hp. You can get 6-speed manual transmission too in this car. You don’t need to worry because with this car you can reach your first 60 km/h only in 4.5 seconds. You can compare with Mercedes E350. You can decide which one that is better for you. This car is not only offering better engine system and lighter body but we can also get better fuel economy system in this car. How much money that you need to buy this car? Unfortunately there is no clear information about price of this car. You can check further when this car is released. This car will be released in early 2017. You must be ready to buy this car.

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New Redesign Project of 2017 BMW M5
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